Welcome To San Juan Diego Mission

As we begin the new year, we begin a new phase at our mission. We are excited to finally have a website and a place to communicate to you the San Juan Diego community. We will be adding content to our new website on a regular basis and we believe it is a great way to learn about our mission and the Catholic faith alike.

We would love to hear your feedback about the new website. Please visit our contact us page and let us know what your opinion is.

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Mobile Safety Begins At Home

When and if a child should get a cell phone is ultimately a parental decision. Kids want cell phones for games and social communication. Parents want their kids to have a cell phone for safety. When you give your child a cell phone…Read More

What is a priest? What do priests do?

Why be a priest? Everyone who wants to be true to their self is looking for meaning and fulfillment in their lives. For a Christian, the meaning of life is always connected with serving God in some way. Many people are finding meaning and happiness in their lives and are also serving God in the… Continue Reading (External Link).